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twisted + -ness

How we remember, what we remember and why we remember form the most personal map of our individuality

Lo que soy, estoy esperando
Siento que, a lo largo de estos lejanos
líneas labios húmedos palabras son Líquido
aplastarme déjemelo penetrar sus paredes
tiempo no hay accidentes

One anecdote about Putin’s Kremlin reveals a tantalising glimpse of what it is to be a presidential adviser. Putin himself receives briefing information on printed sheets inside red folders; he very rarely uses the internet. According to one source, requirements for his briefing notes have changed significantly in recent months. The president now demands notes on any topic to be no more than three pages long and written in type no smaller than 18 point.

Waves crash in my sea

I see your signs
Fitted jeans
Casual tee
Endless seams
That I could undo
It’s a colloquial tongue
Embracing your facets
Unbinding your thoughts
Maybe I could try
With school girl fantasies

I sleep
With a dream
In waiting
I repress the perverse
To hold back
Then eventually you may flood my gate
And soak in
The afterglow